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Where “History” Runs Deep

On May 22, 1919, a group of interested people from the area met at the Goodrich Library. A committee was formed to present plans for a hospital.
In September 1919 the Articles of Association of the Newport Hospital Association, Inc. were registered with the state in Montpelier, Vermont.
Mrs. John Young’s donation of the property for the hospital site, a successful fund raising campaign, and a trust fund left to the hospital by Clara I. Alfred made it possible for the cornerstone to be laid in July 31, 1922. The building and equipping were completed in Jan. 1923, however no patients occupied the building until after inspection in 1924. The hospital at that time had twenty four beds, with an average of six patients daily.

The dream was born in 1919 because of the foresight
and community dedication of the Newport Women’s Club and
the officers of the Orleans County Memorial Hospital Association.
– Mrs. John Young – President, Josiah Grout , Earl Brown
and Dr. H. F. Hamilton –

Did you know…

•In the early 1900’s there were about 42 physicians
and surgeons practicing in Orleans County.
•In 1904 an office call was fifty cents.
•In 1922 Mrs. John Young donated the land the original hospital
was built on and the ground breaking began.
•In 1919 a $500 pledge to the construction of the hospital is
equivalent in purchasing power to $7,257 today.
•The actor George Hamilton is the grandson of Dr. H.F. Hamilton who was the secretary of the original Orleans County Memorial Hospital Association.

The dream continues in 1974

The new North Country Hospital on a 30-acre site on Prouty Drive opened its doors on Jan. 5, 1974.

Since 1974, expansion and redevelopment of the original facility has included the imaging services, physical therapy, ancillary departments, library, business office, information systems, new ambulatory surgery suites, new birthing rooms, a mobile MRI site and three new buildings for physician practices in a medical village adjacent to the hospital.

While continuing to replace old diagnostic equipment with new and to renovate and refit hospital space, hospital leaders planned for the future.

In September 2001 the hospital broke ground for the largest building project since the hospital was built. Then in 2003, the new 28,614-square-foot addition included a state-of-the-art surgical suite, new emergency department with indoor ambulance bays, outpatient services, and central sterilization and distribution department was completed.

In 2010 a new medical office building was added to the medical village. Built to deliver primary care using the Vermont Blueprint for Health patient medical home model, the 22,202-square-foot building now houses 14 physicians and associate clinicians, a lab, primary care coordinator, social worker, dietitian, community health, and patient financial services.

These practices, as well as five others, were officially certified as Patient Centered Medical Homes in 2011.

north country hospital evening photo
new primary care building at north country hospital
executive board from 1971 north country hospital
Executive Board from 1971
1971 building plans for north country hospital
Architectural rendering of proposed new hospital from 1971