Understanding Your North Country Hospital Bill

Do you have questions about your North Country Hospital bill? We can help. You’ll find answers to some common questions below. If you have any further concerns about billing and/or payments, please don’t hesitate to call us.

What is the Hospital bill for? Is this my only bill for these medical services, or can I expect to receive others?

When you receive a hospital bill for services, the bill includes many costs: facility charges, equipment, supplies, nursing services, and other support personnel, etc. You may expect to receive bills from the physician and/or other providers who supplied medical services.

What other bills should I expect? Can you tell me about them?

As a result of government regulations, most hospital based physicians and specialists bill for their services separately from the hospital. The separate bill will be from your personal physician, surgeon or other independent supplier of medical services.

The chart below gives examples for medical services that require the attention of a physician who will send a separate bill for payment:

If you have: You will also receive a bill from:
* X-rays taken The radiologist
* Certain lab tests The pathologist
* Surgery The anesthesiologist & surgeon
* Visit by your personal physician Your personal physician

If you have a question regarding a physician’s bill, please call their office.

Why did I receive a bill from North Country Hospital for lab services when I never even visited the hospital?

The North Country Hospital laboratory routinely performs tests on specimens sent from physician offices. Therefore, you may receive a hospital bill for laboratory services that your physician ordered, although you have not been to the hospital yourself

What is the best way to be certain that my insurance is paying its share of these costs?

The best way is to present your insurance card and all insurance information at the time of registration. Usually, a new account is set up for each visit to the hospital. This allows your insurance company to track any deductibles and your co-payments. If your card is not presented and the insurance does not cover these costs as a result, you will be responsible for full payment.

Why didn’t my insurance pay charges for a routine check-up?

Most insurance companies, including Medicare, will not pay for routine physical check-ups. If you have screening tests, such as a chest x-ray, blood sugar test, PAP smear, PSA or other similar screening test, your insurance may not pay. You should contact your insurance carrier if you have questions about your coverage.

Do you bill my insurance carrier or must I notify them?

North Country Hospital will bill your insurance carrier for you. Due to the numerous differences in insurance benefits available, the hospital does not guarantee that your insurance will pay. If your insurance does not pay within 45 days, you may be asked to pay the account balance. If you furnish complete information at registration, we will file your second insurance also.

What can I do if I am unemployed and/or uninsured, or feel that it will be difficult for me to pay my bill?

You may apply for free or reduced cost care. Both the Admissions Office and the Credit Office will have applications available to you. Applications need to be completed and submitted to the Credit Office. To find out more about these programs, please stop by our Credit Office located in the Hospital lobby area, or call 1- 802-334-3274 or 1-802-334-3273 for more information.

Do you take credit cards or offer payment plans?

North Country Hospital honors MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card. Convenient payment plans can also be arranged through our Credit Office.

Where can I pay my bill?

Payments may be mailed in or submitted directly to our Credit Counselor located in the Credit Office in the main lobby area, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM or payment can be made in the Admissions Office if the Credit Office is not occupied.

Helpful information:

Billing Office: 1-802-334-3580 Mon.-Fri. 8:00 AM -4:30 PM
Credit Office: Main lobby of hospital Mon.-Fri. 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Admissions Office: Main lobby of hospital 1-802-334-7331